New Stamp From Croatia

On April 8, 2013, Croatia Post issued a series of commemoratives entitled “Croatian Fauna — Amphibians.”  Pictured are a fire salamander, an olm (a fish-like amphibian), and a fire-bellied toad.


The Croatia Post web site has this to say about the species:  “Bombina bombina (Linnaeus 1761) is an amphibian living in lowland habitats throughout central and east Europe from Denmark to Sweden in the north-west to Ural in Russia and Turkey in the south-east. It can mostly be found in lakes and ponds that do not dry out and in flooding lowlands overgrown by thick vegetation. Although at world scale it is not an endangered species and falls in the category of the least endangered species it is strictly protected in Croatia because it is threatened to disappear from its natural habitat due to urbanisation and agriculture development.”


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